Be a hero. Donate plasma!

The more we learn about plasma, the more we realize its life-saving potential. We need your help. We need heroes to step up, donate, and save lives.

Plasma Hero Origins

Plasma can be used to create life-saving therapies. The global demand for plasma has been steadily increasing over the years, but as of recently, it’s hit a critical mass. Now, more than ever, we need heroes to step up and donate plasma if we want to continue to treat those who rely on it.

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Plasma Hero Stories

Meet the heroes who are donating plasma, working to build awareness, and providing expertise to build a community of donors. They’re saving lives.

A second-year pharmacy student at Midwestern University in Arizona, Ashlee is no stranger to plasma therapies. Diagnosed with common variable immune deficiency (CVID), a primary immunodeficiency, at the age of four, Ashlee receives Ig replacement therapy every three weeks to support her immune system. 

Be Heroic

You don’t have to watch heroes in movies or read about them in comic books. You can be one. Plasma donation can save the lives of hundreds and thousands of individuals, and by spending 90 minutes donating plasma, you become their hero. 

Put on your super suit.


Ready to be a hero?

News & Updates

Get the latest information regarding plasma in through our news & updates. Featuring: Scientific discoveries, plasma supply, industry related coverage, policy and legislation, and more!

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